Over the past decade, Boston Dynamics has made their robots more humanlike than ever

Even if you aren’t well-versed in today’s most up-to-date technology news, chances are you’ve seen a video produced by Boston Dynamics showcasing their “Black Mirror”-esque robots.

The engineering and robotics design company has redefined robot agility, with each new crop of machines being able to do things like climb over obstacles or leap through the air without assistance.

Each of Boston Dynamics’ robots has set a new milestone for what scientists can achieve. But nothing proves this more than watching a side-by-side comparison of what their robots looked like in 2009 versus now.

A 10-year difference is shocking. In 2009, the robot seems clunky and uncoordinated and requires extra cords to help it function. The 2019 version, however, is eerily humanlike and maneuvers its surroundings with ease and independence.

Still, there’s so much that separates what these Boston Dynamics robots look like now from what engineers hope to unlock and achieve within the coming years. It’s almost unfathomable to consider what the Atlas robot will be able to do in another 10 years.

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