NFL players react to the new CBA, which passed by just 60 votes

The NFL Players Association announced on Sunday morning that the collective bargaining agreement had passed a vote of its membership, but just barely. The final tally was 1,019 to 959, meaning that the new CBA passed by a margin of just 60 votes. A total of 1,978 players voted out of approximately 2,500.

The voting period featured numerous high-profile players publicly declaring their position on the CBA. Greg Olsen came out in favor. Russell Wilson, J.J. Watt and Aaron Rodgers came out against it.

How did players feel once word came that the CBA passed? Reactions definitely ran the gamut.

Some, like Malcom Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles, weren’t happy with it.

Eric Ebron of the Indianapolis Colts was particularly unhappy about the result of the vote, and several players responded in support.

A few others expressed their happiness on Twitter.

Some players had reactions that didn’t fall on either side of the CBA divide.

Tom Brady was, as always, a cipher, but he complimented NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith on the open letter he tweeted on Saturday night, and presumably on all the work he did to make the CBA happen.

There was some momentary confusion about vote totals among a few current and former Ravens players, which resulted in some excellent gif usage.

Will Compton of the Las Vegas Raiders had an even-keeled response, but he actually seemed a little disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to join with his fellow players and go on strike in an ultimate act of unity.

While the new CBA has been passed and there will be 10 more years of labor peace in the NFL, the divide among NFL players is pretty stark. The owners may be done fighting with the players (for now), but the players may not be done fighting with themselves.

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