This VR motion chair takes gaming to the next level

There’s gaming from behind a computer chair, and then there’s gaming from inside the game.

That’s the experience offered by Feel Three, the U.K.-based company behind a virtual reality simulator that moves along with its players.

The chair, which has raised more than £181,000 (around $232,000) as part of a prototype Kickstarter campaign, offers an “affordable, modular and customizable simulator that puts you right in the game.”

To use the chair, you simply sit down and put on a virtual reality headset, then use a joystick, wheel or other controls to navigate through your game. As you move, the simulator can turn, slide and rise along with you.

“By adding full-body physical feedback, players can feel the thrill of moving at high speed with none of the danger,” Feel Three’s Kickstarter description states.

The chair is compatible with more than 80 games, plus a “motion movie” mode that simulates what you’re watching on screen.

Even though the chair is still raising money, there are plenty of videos of people giving them a test run — and they look just as amazing as they sound.

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