Dad gives son adorable pump-up speech before every game

A North Carolina father’s video of his son at his basketball game went viral — and not for the game itself.

In the clip, James T. McGhee is heard giving an intro to his son before he runs onto the court.

Using a comically deep voice, McGhee says: “From Concord, North Carolina … Number one … Jameson J.T. McGhee!!!” as the little boy storms onto the court.

McGhee is clearly his son’s biggest hype man and captioned the video on Instagram with: “We gone look back at this years from now and laugh lol. Proud of my Lil man on his first year!”

The video has more than 7,000 likes on Instagram, and the pump-up words of encouragement are so sweet and wholesome, it’s hard not to smile at the young boy’s grinning face when he starts dribbling the ball.

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