Woman sues Chuck E. Cheese over 'unreasonably dangerous' machine: 'It's a shame'

A Portland woman is suing Chuck E. Cheese after she claims her hair got caught in the ticket-counting machine at the franchise’s Oregon location.

Ashreana Scott said that her hair was tangled up in the machine for about 20 minutes until an employee was finally able to pull it out. But the ordeal caused Scott several injuries including “pain, discomfort, distress and headaches” according to the complaint filed by her lawyer, Michael Fuller.

Scott’s argument is that Chuck E. Cheese “failed to use reasonable care in the design” of the ticket-counting machine — known as the Ticket Muncher — to avoid instances where guests, like Scott, wouldn’t get their hair caught inside.

Scott also argued that Chuck E. Cheese should better train their employees to ensure that harmful situations, like the one she was in, be handled in a more timely fashion.

Chuck E. Cheese reportedly recommended to Scott that she reach out to its insurance company, but Scott said that insurers refused to pay — leaving her “no choice” but to sue the chain. "It's a shame," Fuller said, commenting on the insurance companies not taking Scott seriously.

Scott is seeking $1,000 in damages and wants a warning sign placed next to the machine. She has also asked for a jury trial.

Fuller told FOX Business that Scott is not the first person to get their hair caught in the Ticket Muncher: “Chuck E. Cheese has been on notice for some time that these machines are unreasonably dangerous.”

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