Man builds guitar out of 107 iPhones


A Russian artist took creativity to new heights by building a guitar out of 107 iPhones — yes, you read that right.

Art Mayer, who runs a YouTube channel with over 16,000 subscribers and an Instagram page called Copperguitars, decided to buy the iPhones from second-hand stores and repair shops. From there, he removed the motherboards from the phones and glued them together in a mahogany-stained block that was approximately four phones thick, according to Guitar World.

Mayer then crafted the guitar’s body using a Tele-style template. He also smoothed out several of the phones’ edges so they could fit the mold he had created. The magazine notes that the artist included a Tele-style bridge, along with a pair of Fokin single coil pickups. The result? A futuristic guitar that the Apple-obsessed millennial or Gen Zer would envy.

“Surprisingly, iPhones really give a lot of high frequencies, despite the fact that the sustain block of the guitar is made of mahogany,” Mayer told Guitar World.

Mayer previously built a guitar out of 36 ramen noodle packs. His inventions are so unique that, in addition to his large following on YouTube, he has gained well over 33,000 Instagram followers.

There’s no word yet on whether any of Mayer’s guitars are for sale — as ludicrous as some of them may be. One can only hope.

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