Joey Chestnut breaks another world record, eats 32 Big Macs in one sitting

Once again, Joey Chestnut proved he is the best eater on the planet.
Once again, Joey Chestnut proved he is the best eater on the planet. (AP/Sarah Stier)

Joey Chestnut is best known for scarfing down hot dogs at Coney Island every Fourth of July.

Yet, the 12-time Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest winner holds more than 40 other food-related world records, including in hard boiled eggs, pork ribs, tacos and funnel cake.

On Thursday, Chestnut added another record to his list.

He ate 32 Big Macs from McDonald’s in one sitting.

“I’m excited. This is like a dream of mine since I was a kid,” Chestnut said before diving in. “I’ve always wanted to eat as many Big Macs as I could.”

Chestnut ordered the 32 burgers from an Indianapolis-area McDonald’s on UberEats. In total, Chestnut received 15.36 pounds of food totaling more than 18,000 calories, a meal that cost him $127.38.

It took him just more than 38 minutes to accomplish the feat — he started getting the meat sweats around the seventh burger and started struggling around the 24th burger while drinking warm water to help him get them down — but the 36-year-old pulled it off, breaking the previous world record by two.

“I definitely wasn’t breaking any speed limits,” Chestnut said. “Dude, that was epic. Epic cheat day. I’ve been wanting to do that since I was a child, eat as many as I could. I finally did it … I like pushing myself. I like eating. I like going into the food coma afterwards.”

If this video was any indication, it looks like Chestnut is more than ready to defend his hot dog title later this year.

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