Jill Biden jumps to Joe's rescue when protester charges stage


Protesters disrupted former Vice President Joe Biden’s speech as he celebrated primary wins in several states on Super Tuesday — and his wife, Jill Biden, was having none of it.

As an animal rights activist waving a “Let Dairy Die” sign rushed the stage during the California event, Jill Biden immediately leapt in front of her husband with her arms raised, blocking him with her body. Symone Sanders, a senior adviser to the presidential candidate, rushed in to haul the protester off the stage.

It’s not the first time Jill Biden has jumped to her husband’s defense. Earlier this year, she played bouncer as she helped eject a heckler from a rally in New Hampshire. She later told reporters, “I’m a good Philly girl” when asked about the incident.

Sanders, who was also praised for her quick action on Tuesday, apparently wasn’t too fazed by the dramatic moment:

The Direct Action Everywhere Facebook page advertises similar protests with similar signs, and shared the video of the disruption at Biden’s event.

Biden continued his speech after the interruption, celebrating with his supporters in Los Angeles after racking up Super Tuesday wins across the country in Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Alabama in the wake of his decisive victory in South Carolina over the weekend.

Social media users seemed more impressed by his wife:

And actor Amy Schumer even created a play-by-play voiceover of the moment.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.