TikTok 'mistakenly removed' parody about Scorpios being gay

Social networking platform TikTok acknowledged that it “mistakenly removed” a viral parody about Scorpios being gay, BuzzFeed News reports.

On Valentine’s Day, college roommates Sienna and Alyx — both of whom identify as queer — shared a hilarious video cautioning couples against making love on the romantic holiday. According to science, women who get pregnant as a result should expect to give birth around October or November — the same time Scorpios are born.

“This one goes out to all the horny couples out there who are thinking of getting rowdy this Valentine’s Day evening,” the two say in the clip. “Do not.”



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The pair then go on to explain why.

“If you do, your child will be born a Scorpio,” they say. “Now, why don’t we like Scorpios? For starters, ‘Scorpio’ has seven letters. Seven letters? Seven deadly sins.”

The two proceed to make absurd connections.

“Now, what are the seven deadly sins?” they ask. “Wrath, sloth, gluttony, envy. Envy is associated with the color green. What else is green? Marijuana. Just one more pothead in the world. Lame”

“Now, where is pot legal?” the two continue. “Canada, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, airplane bathrooms if the pilot’s chill. And where can planes take you? California. And what’s on California’s state flag? A bear. Your child is gay.”

Sienna said she later received a notice that the video had been removed because it violated “community guidelines.”

“We thought it was either because we mentioned gay people, because they thought we were being homophobic, or because we mentioned weed,” she said.

A representative for TikTok, however, acknowledged that removal was made in error, adding that the company normally uses “a combination of technology and human moderation strategies to detect and review content.”

“We’re committed to improving and enhancing our protective measures, and we use learnings like these to continually hone our moderation efforts,” the representative told BuzzFeed.

Sienna later reposted the video, which has since gone viral. The clip has received nearly two million likes and over 25,000 comments.

“This needs so much more recognition,” one person responded.

“Um. Yes,” another wrote. “I am a Scorpio and all these things are true.”

According to Cosmopolitan, those who identify as Scorpios (born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21) are “emotional, imaginative and intense.” However, Scorpios can also be “controlling,” “obsessive,” “secretive,” “vengeful” and “morbid.”

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