Woman charged with attempted murder after allegedly switching off mom’s life support

Woman charged with attempted murder after allegedly switching off mom’s life support

A Michigan woman has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly shutting off her ailing mother’s life-support system.

Suspect Corinne Damm reportedly called authorities after her Machiavellian misdeed, reported M Live.

The 59-year-old woman was “very distraught stating she had turned off her mother’s ventilator at (the rehabilitation center),” according to a Gladwin, Mich., Police Department report.

Damm told investigators her mother — who has not been identified — lived at home until last March before serious medical issues prompted treatment at various medical facilities, according to M Live.

“Corinne advised her mother, who said she can’t do this anymore and that she wanted to die,” according to police reports. “Corinne advised it wasn’t like she was trying to plan a mercy killing, she just could not watch her mother in all the pain.”

Damm told cops that she has slashed her mother’s tubes with scissors and switched off the ventilator.

“She figured it wouldn’t be like killing (her mother) because she keeps breathing” even if the ventilator wasn’t on, according to the police report.

A nurse entered the woman’s room after hearing the beeping ventilator and told Damm that her father had the lone say in pulling the plug, the report stated.

Police interviews with personnel at the rehab center noted the ventilator was off for about one minute before switching back on.

An unidentified employee had mentioned to cops that Damm threatened to take her mother off the ventilator, but the nurse thought it “was Corinne’s way of crying out for help,” according to the report.

The unidentified victim remains alive, reported M Live.