Woman makes disastrous $89,000 mistake: 'How did they get into my computer?'

A Kansas woman says she's devastated after being scammed out of $89,000.

Diana — who declined to give out her last name to reporters — said that someone she thought was a "good friend" reached out to her on Facebook and encouraged her to apply for a grant.

"He said, 'It's a world grant financial humanitarian assistance program,'" Diana told KMBC News. "He said, 'I got $50,000 and his friend got $150,000.'"

Once Diana was convinced, the friend asked her to send over her personal information, including her Social Security number, a scanned copy of her driver's license and her mother's maiden name. Diana complied.

To get the grant money, Diana was told to buy and ship some prepaid money cards and cell phones to various addresses. She also paid for money transfers, all while being reassured that the money would get back to her.

Diana said she initially did see some money deposited in her account and thought all was well. But then, her account was suddenly drained.

It was not Diana's actual friend who was communicating with her, but either a single or group of scammers working under the alias.

"How did they get into my computer and talk to me, say everything and act like it was him? Otherwise, I never would have done this in all my life. I would never have done this," Diana said.

Diana filed a police report and now worries about having to file bankruptcy. Police told her that the next time someone asks her to send money over the internet or to provide them with her personal information, she should contact them instead.