Seven shot at family dance in a Houston flea market

Seven shot at family dance in a Houston flea market

Seven people were shot in Houston on Sunday night during a family dance party at a flea market.

The shooting at Mercado Sabadomingo happened after 7 p.m. when one person was struck in the leg, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said in a news conference. The bullet appeared to exit the man's leg, ricocheting and hitting six others.

The six people hit were brought to the hospital, where most were treated for "minor wounds," the sheriff said. None of the injuries were critical.

Gonzalez said the man who was initially shot had a gun in his pocket and is now in custody. Police are still investigating how the shooting occurred, but the sheriff believes the man's gun went off in his pocket. He said his department doesn't know if he was "fumbling" with his pistol or intended to shoot someone. Police believe there may have been a second bullet shot, and think the man, who they are not currently identifying, was drinking at the time of the shooting.

The incident happened during a family event at the flea market, where hundreds of people, including many children, were in attendance. Police said there is no threat to the community, and it is unclear if any of those injured are minors.