Teacher suspended for washing out student's mouth with hand sanitizer

Teacher suspended for washing out student's mouth with hand sanitizer

A Florida middle school teacher will be suspended for 10 days after an investigation found she put hand sanitizer in a student's mouth.

The teacher, Guyette Duhart, was accused of putting hand sanitizer in a child's mouth on one occasion in October 2019 at Polo Park Middle School in Wellington, according to NBC affiliate WPTV in West Palm Beach.

Duhart, a science teacher, admitted to holding a bottle of hand sanitizer to the student's mouth after he kept talking in class but claimed the child pumped sanitizer into his mouth, The Palm Beach Post reported.

She allegedly stated, "You need to have your mouth washed with soap," WPTV reported.

Several students allegedly witnessed the episode and corroborated the student's account.

The student spat out the sanitizer and left the classroom. When he returned to class, he said Duhart allowed him to wash out his mouth.

"I was really unaware that anything occurred until he left," Duhart told investigators, according to the Post. “He returned to the class and I allowed him to wash out his mouth.”

The school district concluded the allegation against Duhart was substantiated. On Wednesday, the Palm Beach County School Board approved a 10-day suspension without pay.

The suspension is set to begin March 12, WPTV reported.

NBC News reached out to Duhart and a school district spokeswoman but did not immediately hear back Friday morning.