Marshawn Lynch makes appearance in trailer for HBO's 'Westworld'

Fans of Beast Mode and SciFi have a new reason to tune into HBO's "Westworld." (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)
HBO is reaching out to the crossover crowd that loves SciFi and Beast Mode. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

This is how you reach out to a broader audience.

HBO teased the premiere of its SciFi/western hybrid “Westworld” on Thursday with a trailer for Season 3.

About 55 seconds into the clip, an unexpected visitor makes an appearance.

Wait. Is that Marshawn Lynch? No, not the dude in the front. That’s Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” fame, who’s making his anticipated debut on the HBO drama this season.

But over his left shoulder. Yeah, that appears to be “Beast Mode” in the flesh.

Marshawn Lynch, cyborg killer?

So what exactly will Lynch’s role be? Will he be be tasked with inflicting punishment on rogue cyborgs? Perhaps by running through their faces?

He has the requisite attitude.

(NSFW language warning)

Nobody knows. HBO’s made little reference of Lynch’s role other than his brief appearance in the above teaser, which is successfully generating “Westworld” buzz.

This won’t be Lynch’s first acting role. He’s done enough to gain an IMDB page that lists acting credits including appearances on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The League.”

“Westworld,” of course, has a dramatically different tone from a couple of 30-minute sitcoms. Lynch, as usual, is not backing down from a new challenge.

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