Report: President Trump considering trip to Tokyo Olympics during re-election campaign

President Donald Trump’s recent run of attending sporting events could take him out of the country just as the 2020 presidential election is heating up.

Trump said on Tuesday that he is considering a visit to Japan during the Olympic Games in Tokyo, according to Reuters. He reportedly said he was invited by Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe.

“We’ll make that determination. We haven’t made it yet. We might. We’re going to try if we can,” Trump said, per Reuters.

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games is scheduled for July 24, only a few weeks after Trump’s opponent for the 2020 election will be named at the Democratic National Convention.

Trump did not visit the other Olympics that took place during his presidential term, the Pyeongchang Games in 2018. Instead, it was vice president Mike Pence leading the U.S. delegation to South Korea.

A trip to Tokyo would continue a recent trend of Trump attending some of the biggest dates on the sports world’s calendar. In just the last four months, Trump has attended the World Series, the College Football Playoff championship game, a highly anticipated LSU-Alabama football game, UFC 244, the Army-Navy football game and the Daytona 500.

Trump’s reception at those events has varied wildly, from raucous cheers at Daytona to loud jeers and chants of “Lock him up!” at Nationals Park. Given that Trump’s global popularity has largely lagged behind his approval ratings at home, there might be reason to believe his reception from an international crowd would skew more toward the latter.

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