Meet 11-year-old Sky Brown, soon to be the youngest Olympian in more than 80 years


Sky Brown isn't just youngest athlete in the 2020 Olympics — she's also the coolest.

In The Know caught up with Brown, 11, at MAKERS Conference, where the powerhouse pre-teen was a featured speaker alongside pro skateboarding icon Tony Hawk.

"I feel like some people think when you do sports, you can't be a girly girl," Brown told In The Know, citing Brazilian skateboarder Leticia Bufoni as one of her personal heroes. Watch in the video above.

She added, "I also think Wonder Woman's pretty cool because she's basically saving the world and that's what I wanna do. I want to go to underprivileged places and teach kids how to skate, 'cause I feel like when they skate, they forget about what they're struggling through."

Brown, who will turn 12 in July, is slated to be the youngest athlete competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics — and Britain's youngest Olympian in history. It's been more than 80 years since a kid her age (of any country!) has qualified for the elite games.

Although she's focused squarely on skateboarding right now, she's also a killer surfer who's tackled waves all over the world.

With dual nationality for both Britain and Japan, Brown had her choice of which country to represent for the Olympics. She ultimately opted for the former because British skateboard reps "told me 'no pressure, just have fun and get out there,'" she told the BBC in 2019.