Teen gets 'crazy' response from Aaron Rodgers following Twitter rant: 'I did not expect that'


A Green Bay Packers fan is getting showered with gifts and celebrity shoutouts after her anesthesia-fueled monologue went viral on Twitter.

Callie Kessler, an 18-year-old from Milwaukee, shared a hilarious post-surgery video of herself on Feb. 5. In the clip, Kessler is crying hysterically, eating a popsicle and discussing her favorite NFL team.

“I guess you can say I love the packers even under anesthesia?” her tweet read.

Kessler’s tearful lamenting featured plenty of sympathetic remarks about the team’s quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, as well as its starting running back, Aaron Jones.

“It’s really hard being a Packers fan because we get so far and it just doesn’t happen for us,” the teen says, referring to the team’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers in this year’s playoffs. “But Aaron Rodgers is the man — he always will be … he would buy me 400 popsicles.”

The video, which has now been viewed nearly 900,000 times, made its way to several high-profile Twitter users. Jones, the running back Kessler complimented in her clip, chimed in a few days later.

The footage then made its way to former professional race car driver Danica Patrick, who is currently dating Rodgers. She decided to step in and fulfill the teenager’s wish.

“We would like to buy you 400 popsicles. Dm your address,” Patrick wrote. “We hope you feel better, but if you don’t, the popsicles should help a little!”

As it turned out, Patrick was dead serious. Just three days later, Kessler posted a photo of herself standing with a life-sized curtain of Rodgers — as well as several boxes of popsicles.

“It’s honestly crazy, I did not expect that at all,” Kessler told WDJT-TV. “It all feels so surreal but I’m so happy and a little bit embarrassed!”

As if that wasn’t enough, the teenager also received a tweet from Popsicle, with the company asking for her favorite flavor so it could send a few treats of its own. Otter Pops, the brand Patrick sent, also tweeted at Kessler with a promise to mail her 400 more popsicles.

The Packers might have missed the Super Bowl this year, but thankfully, Kessler has enough popsicles to last her until they make a comeback.