Woman who tried to open plane door mid-flight sentenced to two years behind bars

Eight months after attempting to open a plane door during a flight, a British woman has been sentenced to two years behind bars.

Chloe Haines’ sentencing came down Wednesday in response to a June incident in which others aboard the plane had to stop her from opening a door while the aircraft was in the sky, CNN reported.

The flight, which was traveling to Turkey, received a military escort as it returned to London Stansted Airport following the incident.

The sentencing was applauded by Jet2, the airline whose flight Haines disrupted.

“Ms. Haines’ behavior was one of the most serious cases of disruptive passenger behavior that we have experienced, and we have banned her from flying with us for life,” reads a statement from the airline’s CEO, Steve Heapy.

“Her actions caused distress for customers as well as our crew, and as a family friendly airline carrying millions of holidaymakers every year, we simply will not tolerate this on our flights.”

There were reportedly 206 passengers aboard the flight in question. A prosecutor, Michael Crimp, contended that Haines had “lunged” to open the door.

Crimp also said that Haines claimed to have mixed alcohol with medication and “didn’t really remember what happened,” according to The Independent.

Last July, Jet2 sent Haines a bill for more than $100,000 for diverting the flight.

Then in December, Haines pleaded guilty to endangering the safety of an aircraft, as well as to assaulting a crew member.