'I know we got time left!': Patrick Mahomes snapped at teammates before Super Bowl comeback

  • Patrick Mahomes won Super Bowl MVP after leading the Kansas City Chiefs on an astounding fourth quarter comeback against the San Francisco 49ers.

  • Just before the comeback started, Mahomes had thrown two interceptions in the span of 10 minutes, but his teammates had his back, assuring him that they would still find a way to win.

  • Mahomes may have received one too many reassurances though, as according to Peter King, he snapped at backup quarterback Matt Moore on the bench, saying "I know we got time left!"

  • It all worked out in the end though, with Mahomes leading the Chiefs on three successive touchdown drives to close the game and bring the Lombardi Trophy to Kansas City for the first time in 50 years.

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Patrick Mahomes was the hero of Super Bowl LIV, leading the Chiefs on an impressive comeback in the fourth quarter to erase a late 10-point deficit and defeat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20.

But just before their comeback, things looked dire for the Kansas City faithful. Mahomes had thrown his second interception in as many possessions, giving the 49ers the ball with a 20-10 lead and just 12 minutes remaning in the game.

As Mahomes told Peter King of NBC Sports, there was plenty of support from his teammates on the sideline after his misfire — in fact, there was too much.

Per King:

"Almost every single person that came up to me right there said, 'We still got time left. You're still good. We're still gonna have time to go down there and put up points,' " Mahomes said. "It was almost a little annoying because I knew we had time left. There was one point, Matt Moore, a guy that was vital in us being where we were at this season, he came up to me, and he was like the last guy to come up to me and say something. He said, 'We still got a lot of time left. You gotta believe.'

"And I almost gave him a little bit of an attitude. I was like, I know we got time left!!!"

Backup quarterback Matt Moore shared Mahomes' recollection, and seems to have caught the worst of his slight outburst.

"I think what I said was, 'Hey Pat, it's never over!'" Moore told King. "And he was like, 'I GOT IT! I GOT IT!' I'm thinking, what the heck just happened? He's not like that."

But Moore said that Mahomes was quick to apologize for being so curt. "Later, he came up to me and said sorry for coming at me so hot like that. 'Dude, you were like the 15th person to say something to me. Sorry!'"

To be fair, Mahomes himself is also one to hype his teammates up on the sidelines. Before the Chiefs biggest play of the game — a desperate conversion on third-and-15 that eventually led to the first touchdown of their comeback effort — Mahomes was on the sidelines talking up wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who would make the crucial catch.

By the sound of it, Mahomes just got frustrated with hearing teammates try to lift him up because he didn't need any lifting. He had faith they'd find a way to win, and hearing his teammates reiterate that made it sound like they were worried he didn't.

Just a few minutes later, both Mahomes and his teammates would prove themselves correct, tearing through the 49ers defense for three straight touchdown drives to erase their once-daunting deficit, defeate the 49ers, and bring the Lombardi Trophy to Kansas City for the first time in 50 years.

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