10,000 people applied to be featured on this fake dating site

Online shopping and online dating have never been easier. That's why content creators Suzy Shinn, Atlas Acopian and Morgan Gruer decided to combine the two and create the very fake, but very real looking app, Amazon Dating.

In collaboration with the animation company, Thinko, the group wanted to create a satirical "shopping" experience — but with potential dates, reports Insider.

The parody app "sells" different people (you can apply to be one here) complete with profiles that look identical to a typical Amazon item page. Complete with ratings, price, Prime shipping and fun facts.

The UX, in general, is alarmingly similar to Amazon's site.

After browsing for potential dates, users can click and "buy" who they like or match with. Once the "order" is placed, a fake confirmation message pops up.

There are other features as well, including a downloadable "non-ghosting agreement" under the "Legal" tab. Initially, all of the people featured were the creators' friends, but as of launch there are over 10,000 applicants from other people who want to be on the site, reports Refinery29.

While the art project is innovative — and was designed to poke fun at Amazon's monopolization of almost every aspect of our lives, as well as companies like Facebook trying to wade into the dating app game — there were some concerns raised.

For one thing, different people cost different amounts. Although both the creators and Thinko insisted that every aspect of the fake platform was a joke in their FAQ section, a lot of viewers felt uncomfortable with the idea of monetizing humans — even for fun, and especially since February is Black History Month.