Fox News hosts freak out over 'priggish' Mitt Romney's vote to convict Trump


Fox News’ prime time hosts jumped into full-on defense of President Donald Trump mode on Wednesday night.

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham each launched attacks on Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) after he became the only Republican senator to vote to convict Trump in his impeachment trial. Trump was later acquitted by the GOP-controlled Senate.

Carlson refused to say Romney’s name on his show.

“That senator shall go unnamed on this show on the grounds that silly moral preening should not be rewarded with the publicity it is designed to garner,” he said in this segment:

Hannity claimed Romney “is now a diminished figure.”

“Clearly, losing a presidential election ruins people,” said the “Hannity” host, who frequently defends Trump and has promised to campaign for the president’s re-election. He later suggested Romney “clearly cannot accept and get over the fact he lost” to former President Barack Obama in 2012.

“The difference between him (Romney) and Donald Trump is Donald Trump fought every single day, was tough, and tough enough to win,” he added.

Ingraham, meanwhile, demanded Romney quit the Senate.

“Mitt, you made your stand. Now you should resign,” she said. “You committed a fraud on the people of Utah, on the Republican Party, on the Constitution and have thoroughly embarrassed yourself.”

Check out the clip here:

Ingraham also gave Romney a new nickname with this tweet:

Over on Fox Business, Lou Dobbs likened Romney to Judas, Brutus and Benedict Arnold.

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