The internet can't stop talking about one of Shakira's Super Bowl facial expressions

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira wowed audiences with their co-headlined halftime show on Sunday night at Super Bowl 54. The Super Bowl halftime show was full of fabulous moments, but the internet can't seem to stop talking about one thing Shakira did. It wasn't with her hips, it was with her tongue.

The 43-year-old Colombian and Lebanese singer opened the halftime show with a medley of her hits, including "She Wolf" and "Wherever, Whenever." After she finished, she leaned into the camera and wiggled her tongue at the camera.

One Twitter user questioned the choice, asking, "The halftime show was really great and all but why did Shakira do this😂"

One (sassy) user commented that the tongue moment was "the only thing Shakira did live."

Other people were actually fans of the "tongue thing." One person tweeted, "Ima be doing that Shakira tongue thing randomly now without hesitation 👅👅👅 blblblblb!"

Some pointed out the moment was referencing Shakira's Middle Eastern heritage. NBC News reporter Doha Madani tweeted, "You can't watch this and deny Shakira is at least half Lebanese."

The moment already became a meme by Sunday night, with many Twitter users using the viral video to crack jokes about whatever they wanted, Super Bowl-related or not.

The show was certainly memorable!