Food at the Super Bowl includes $85 crab cocktail and 18-inch Cubano sausage for $50

The food at Super Bowl 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami will set some fans back.

Given the size and scale of the Super Bowl, it should not come as a surprise that food and drinks, particularly the special items, are sky high.

Arena basics are pretty expensive. According to Evan Webeck of The Bay Area News Group, nachos and pretzels are $9. A foot-long hot dog is $14. A bucket of popcorn is $15.

Fans interested in an 18-inch Cubano sausage will pay $50. Perhaps it's best to split that one.

Other vendors have healthier salad or wrap options, like mixed greens or Mediterranean vegetables, which cost $25. Ditto for BBQ chicken sandwiches, salmon burgers, or veggie burgers.

According to Kerry Crowley of The Bay Area News Group, conch fritters and fries costs $15. Stone crab cocktail costs $85.

There is also "steak kan kan" on a stick for $32 and a carved beef tenderloin sandwich for $28, according to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.

Alcohol ranges from $14-15 for a beer to $22 for a strawberry daiquiri to $25 for a glass of champagne.