Saquon Barkley shares his favorite podcasts to get you hyped for the Super Bowl — and everyday life


In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death, taxes and superstar NFL players warming up on the field donning huge headphones or the latest earbuds before their game on any given Sunday.

The common sight makes sense, of course, as any human can attest to music's ability to influence moods and inspiration. But it may not always be the hottest rap, pop or country hits that your favorite players are using to get hyped up before the game — it might be a podcast.

(Photo by Patrick McDermott via Getty Images)

New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley is one player who has been indulging in more podcast listening lately, something he says has helped him both on and off the field. And now, he's teaming up with Spotify to share his favorite podcasts with fans.

"As an athlete, I like to listen to a lot of sports podcasts, like 'Pardon My Take,' 'Around the NFL,'" he told AOL Sports. "And 'The Pat McAfee Show' is one of my favorites."

According to Spotify, "The Pat McAfee Show 2.0" was one of the most listened to football podcasts in 2019, along with "Fantasy Footballers," "Science Vs, Fantasy Focus Football" and "Fantasy Pros."

"He's hilarious," Barkley said of former NFL player McAfee. "I like that he gives a different spin [as a punter]."

When it comes to his No. 1 playlist currently, Barkley revealed it was one that has helped him with his toughness both mentally and physically. "Trained," a podcast by Nike that is hosted by Ryan Flaherty, is helpful for everyone, even if they aren't in the NFL.

"I might be biased because that's my trainer," Barkley joked. "I know what he's all about and the people that he's trained, people that he's talked to about mental toughness and physical health, things that not only relate to athletes but also to everyday life for people."

See more of Barkley's favorite podcasts below:

Barkley admits, though, that listening to sports podcasts as an athlete can be a dangerous game at times, especially playing in such a massive media market as New York. He advises his fellow sportspeople to find a balance: don't listen too much that it gets in your head, but listen enough so you know what's going on in the league or the world around you.

"Sometimes they're gonna be talking about your team or talking about yourself, whether it's good or bad," he said. "But it's also good to stay up on all of that stuff. You're always so focused and working on putting your all into your sport, into your craft, that you forget about the outside. You might hear something about an ex-teammate, or a college teammate, or a friend."