6-year-old girl saves family from fire in their home: 'She jumped into action'

A 6-year-old girl is being hailed a hero after she alerted her sleeping family to a fire in their home and ultimately saved their lives.

Madalyn Karlbon was woken up by the sound of a smoke detector in her New Jersey home last weekend. Her parents and brother weren't woken up by the noise, so she ran to wake them, KABC reported.

Madalyn said it wasn't just the sound of the fire alarm that woke her up, she was also jolted by the feeling of the smoke burning her eyes and throat.

"I tried to wake up mommy," the 6-year-old told the outlet. "And then I called daddy's name, and daddy woke up Hunter and mommy."

The girl is the daughter of volunteer firefighter and ex-Avenel fire Chief Jimmy Karlbon, who told KABC that all he remembered was hearing Madalyn screaming.

"I remember my daughter screaming, 'Daddy, the house is on fire, the house is on fire,'" he told KABC. "I didn't hear the smoke detectors. I didn't hear nothing. All I heard was, 'The house is on fire.'"

"When she was screaming, I remember waking up and upstairs was full of smoke already," he continued. "Couldn't even see where Madalyn even was. I grabbed Hunter. Madalyn was on the stairs. I grabbed Madalyn, put them on the front porch. I said, 'Stay here, where is mommy?' 'Mommy is on the couch.'"

Madalyn didn't just save her family, but her quick reaction made it so firefighters could also save their house. Avenel Fire Department called Madalyn a "hero" in a post on Facebook.

"Without any hesitation she jumped into action and ultimately saved the lives of her family by remembering all she was taught during fire prevention week and through the vast knowledge that her dad and fellow firefighter family has instilled in her," the fire department wrote.