Lara Trump mocks Joe Biden for speech impediment: 'Let's get the words out'

Lara Trump criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for his speech on the debate stage.

Speaking at a "Women for Trump" event in Iowa, the president's daughter-in-law said she felt "sad" for Biden, Newsweek reported.

"Every time he comes on stage and they turn to him, I'm like, Joe can you get it out, let's get the words out, Joe," she said. "You kinda feel bad for him."

Lara Trump, who also serves as a campaign adviser for the president, also took aim at the Democratic Party, calling them "desperate" and suggested that the party had no chance of winning in 2020 if Biden is their frontrunner.

"That is why they have tried since the day he came down the escalator to stop Donald Trump," she said, referencing the moment in June 2015 when Donald Trump descended the Trump Tower escalator to announce his candidacy.

Biden has been open about his past struggles with a speech impediment. In a recent interview with the Atlantic, he opened up about his struggle with stuttering as a child. When politics editor John Hendrickson, who also has a stutter, told Biden he noticed he has trouble saying the letter "r," the former vice president responded he didn't notice.

"I consciously think of it anymore," he said, referring to his stutter.

This isn't the first time Biden has been mocked for his speech. Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a now-deleted tweet, "I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I hhhave absolutely no idea what Biden is talking about," during a December debate.

"I've worked my whole life to overcome a stutter," Biden tweeted in response. "And it's my great honor to mentor kids who have experienced the same," Biden responded on Twitter to Sanders' tweet. "It's called empathy. Look it up."

When asked by the Atlantic if he was worried that Trump would mock his stutter if he becomes the Democratic nominee, Biden said he didn't think he was.

"If you ask the polls, 'Does Biden stutter? Has he ever stuttered?,' you'd have 80 to 95% of people say no," Biden said. If Trump was to attack his verbal slips, "it'll just expose him for what he is."