Scary video shows flames spewing out of United plane's wing before emergency landing at Newark


A United Airlines flight carrying 168 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing after an engine fire left flames spewing from one of its wings.

The United flight was bound for Los Angeles but returned to New Jersey's Newark Airport shortly after take-off due to the mechanical issue. Passenger Gabby Guzy, who was traveling with her sister, said it appeared as though fire was coming from the engine.

Guzy uploaded a video of the incident to Twitter and told reporters that the plane had only been in the air for a minute. The commotion was reportedly heard by those on the ground.

"I didn't know what was happening," she said to ABC 7.

"My sister said she thought it was lights but I knew it was fire from the engine. I kept reassuring myself we'd be okay because we had only been in the air for a minute."

Another passenger, Nicole Adamo, also opened up about the flight on Twitter, calling it the "most terrifying experience" of her life.

"Flight delayed 2 hours for Maintence issues. Flight takes off, Right wing of the plane (where I’m sitting in the aisle seat) sparking & now one engine failed. They’re making announcements but i can’t hear anything b/c people are screaming."

United confirmed that the plane had landed safely after returning to Newark and that its passengers deplaned normally.

"United 1871 from Newark, New Jersey to Los Angeles returned to Newark due to a mechanical issue. The flight landed safely and passengers deplaned normally," said spokeswoman Kimberly Gibbs. "We are working on changing aircraft to get our customers to their destination as soon as possible."