Chick-fil-A employees save mother and children from heavy storm: 'They exceeded the best service'


An Alabama mother has credited two Chick-Fil-A employees for saving her and her children from an intense storm last Saturday.

Lauren Langley, 33, of Albertville, took to Facebook that day to share her experience while running errands in nearby Guntersville. The mother had just left a Walmart and was about to order at the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru when the storm passed through.

"I stopped mid order, rolled my window up and pulled over into a parking spot," she wrote. "By that time, my car was literally shaking side to side, I couldn’t see out the window, there was LOTS of lightning strikes hitting around us, the trees were bending completely in half around us, the boys were SCREAMING, and I for the first time since I became a mother, felt completely clueless and helpless on what to do."

Langley said two Chick-Fil-A employees then approached her car and told her and her children to get inside the restaurant.

"They let us take shelter in their kitchen area and provided towels for us to dry off with," she continued. "After the worst of the storm passed, we came out and they asked if we wanted to order."

When Langley told the workers that she left her debit card in her car, they reportedly offered her and her family lunch and ice cream for free. Along with her post, the mother included a receipt as proof.

"From them running to my car to get us, to letting us take shelter, giving towels to us, and then our lunch on them....I already thought Chick Fil A was the best, but they exceeded the best service today!" she wrote. "I am so thankful that we are safe, and I hope that’s the boys first and last 'tornado story' that they have to experience!"

Langley's post has since gone viral — as of Thursday, it has been shared nearly 14,000 times and received approximately 2,000 comments.

"What a testament to good people and wonderful company," one person wrote.

"Great story of being helped when needed," another added. "There are still a lot of great people in this mixed up world. So happy they were there when needed!"

One of the employees who helped Langley has since been identified as Ethan Brogden, a restaurant team lead.

"If it were just me and my two children and I didn’t necessarily know what was going on, I would hope that somebody would do something like that for me," he told WAFF.