Subaru responds to 'unfortunate' name of new vehicle: 'We had nothing to do with this'


Subaru is apologizing after the outlandish, NSFW name of one of its new vehicles went viral on Twitter.

The car, which the Japanese automaker unveiled at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show, was labeled the Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition. And yes, that acronym spells out exactly what you think it does.

Subaru’s "F****" edition took the internet by storm, with Twitter users pouring in their disbelief over the vehicle’s name. Now, the car company is claiming it had no role in that title.

According to a leaked letter published by The Drive, an automotive news site, Subaru claims that it had "had nothing to do with" the car’s "unfortunate" display name. The message, which was reportedly sent to several American auto retailers, states that the "F****" was created by a distributor for the motor show and not condoned by Subaru.

"We apologize for any negative feedback this may have caused," the letter reads. "[Subaru] has had the name removed from the car at the Singapore Auto Show. We work very hard to build a strong brand image for this company and the naming of this vehicle in no way reflects the values and standards we hold true. Furthermore, we will always do our best to protect our brand’s integrity."

"It goes without saying that this car will not be available in the United States market," the letter goes on to say.

The letter does not mention what name, if any, the vehicle will be given as a replacement, as The Drive reported that there’s been no indication yet as to whether the display has been changed to say something else. It does appear, however, that the display name has been removed from underneath the car.

It’s also unclear if the car will be available in markets outside of the United States. That’s a possibility that may have some social media users hopeful, as many seemed to praise the car’s name.

"You had me at the acronym I don’t even care if this s*** can drive," one Twitter user wrote.