Viral video shows woman abandoning handicapped dog on side of road

A video of a woman leaving a handicapped dog on the side of a road in Brazil has gone viral.

Last Friday, Brazilian news network Band Jornalismo shared security footage of the woman getting out of her white car in São Leopoldo in Port Alegre. She then opens a rear passenger door, and two dogs — one black and another white — come out. She instructs the black dog to hop back into the car but shoos the white one, which is missing front limbs, away. The woman then drives away.

According to the video clip's timestamp, the incident happened last Thursday, but it almost immediately sparked uproar when it was shared on social media. A woman by the name of Ana Paula Scherer posted the video on Facebook, where the clip received approximately 13 million views and 154,000 comments.

"I just hope someone with a good heart has found the dog and treat it better," one person wrote.

"How could you abandon a dog let alone a dog with special needs?" another wrote in response. "I have no words. Poor little thing - well they didn’t deserve him and someone who loves him just as he is will give him the most wonderful life. Someone please adopt him soon."

Fortunately, the dog, which was given the name "TinTim" and purportedly has a twin brother named Berlin, was found, Scherer revealed in a follow-up post. She included a link to a story published by Brazilian news site G1, which reported that at least 20 people expressed interest in adopting the canine.

A video of TinTim shared on a Facebook group page showed the dog in seemingly good spirits.

The culprit has yet to be identified.