Cops search for man caught on camera breaking into Taco Bell to cook a meal and nap

A man who broke into a local Taco Bell may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Police are searching for a burglar who was caught on CCTV breaking into a Taco Bell in Lawrenceville, Ga., around midnight on Dec. 25.

The hungry thief was recorded sliding through the drive-thru window while seeming very relaxed and unconcerned about being on camera.

The first thing he does is start whipping up a meal with the fryer, according to a police statement that was released on Jan. 8. After eating, he's seen lying down on the floor to take a three-hour nap.

Once he wakes up — again, seemingly unfazed by his crime, and now very well-rested and fed — he flees the scene. His exit out of the back door is ultimately what triggers the alarm and alerts authorities.

The Burglary Unit for the Lawrenceville Police Department says the man also ran off with a tablet and a laptop.