Callous mailman kicking package around gets caught on camera

A USPS employee's bizarre behavior went viral online after he was filmed by a package recipient tossing and kicking around his delivery.

Nick Verzilli recorded the footage and uploaded it to YouTube on Jan. 3, titling it "USPS sucks." The video has almost 2 million views.

In the video, the postal worker is seen being blatantly careless with Verzilli's package — which, according to Verzilli, was filled with new computer equipment — and after dropping it several times, finally drops it off on the doorstep.

Verzilli also posted the video on Reddit, where he hinted that this wasn't the first time this had happened with this delivery person: "I'm not going to confront him again; it's like putting a kid in time-out for the same misbehavior over and over again. It's obviously not getting through. I'm not going to 'avoid more damage' after he already dropped it. I'd rather just avoid the guy and go through the proper channels again, maybe have it escalated this time."