Pro surfer Kohl Christensen is 'seeing the world clearer' after life-threatening skull fracture

Professional surfer Kohl Christensen revealed that he is seeing life differently after suffering life-threatening injuries while on the water late last month.

December 31 would have been his "departure from the physical world" had it not been for his rescuers, Christensen said in an Instagram post on Sunday before divulging some harrowing details of the damage done to his skull and brain.

"Serendipitous as it may sound, I am seeing the world clearer than ever," he shared, alongside a photo of himself with his wife and two daughters.

Fellow surfer Casey Goepel posted the news of Christensen's fall on January 2, stating that Christensen "wiped out and hit his head on the reef," cutting his head open and fracturing his skull. Goepel said that Christensen's brain surgery was "successful," which Christensen was able to confirm himself in his own post.

"I am aware and present," Christensen wrote. "Feeling fortunate, blessed and so very grateful."

Surfer Magazine stated that it was unclear whether Christensen's head hit the reef or his own board while he was underwater after he slipped and fell. The surfer was knocked unconscious and credits the responders from North Shore Lifeguard Association with saving his life.