Parrot's frightening calls lead to shocking police discovery: ‘Let me out’

Police officers found themselves faced with a surprising mystery after a parrot's frantic calls led to a hilarious encounter.

Four deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office confronted an unnamed man at his home last week, responding to a concerned 911 call they'd received from a neighbor, USA Today reported. The neighbor reported hearing a distressed person yelling, "Let me out! Let me out! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!"

But when police arrived on the scene, they realized the situation was completely innocuous. As it turned out, those cries hadn't come from a distressed woman, as the 911 caller purportedly believed — it was actually just a pet parrot.

It was a shocking discovery the officers made within seconds of arriving. In a video of the incident obtained by ViralHog, the unnamed man quickly heads to his backyard to retrieve the culprit, a parrot named "Rambo."

"Rambo, meet the boys in green," the man can be heard saying.

During the video, Rambo can be heard yelling "Somebody help," with the bird seemed to give itself up as the voice the 911 caller heard.

"Your neighbor thinks there was screaming," one of the deputies tells the man.

The man seemed unsurprised by the confusion, calling Rambo a "screamer," and telling deputies that despite its yelling, the 40-year-old bird also has a charming laugh. Ultimately, the incident left the officers laughing as well.

"Our Deputies in Lake Worth Beach came to the help of someone screaming for help. Hilarity ensued," the department posted to its Facebook page.

A caption shared with the YouTube video of the exchange revealed that the man originally taught Rambo to scream "let me out" when he was a child, as the bird used to live confined in a cage. The caption added that the man went on to introduce Rambo to the neighbor who called 911.