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Fleets of drones spotted in Colorado and Nebraska: 'They're obviously looking for something'

Multiple sightings of drone fleets have been reported throughout rural areas in Colorado and Nebraska and nobody can explain where they're coming from or why.

Now, multiple state and federal government agencies are looking into the mystery. Flying drones does not break the law, but residents and officials are concerned about privacy issues.

Drone collisions are another concern. An LA news chopper for ABC News was clipped by an oncoming drone.

The sightings started occurring around Dec. 17 and have continued into the new year. The residents of Sterling, Colo., which is 120 miles northeast of Denver and has a population of around 14,000 people, say that watching the drones has become a townwide activity.

"They're there every night," resident Nate Northup told ABC News. "They're obviously looking for something."

The drones have been the top topic of conversation throughout the small town.

Kimberley Hartford said she saw at least five drones on her drive home from work one night. "People said it's North Korean's, I've heard it's some alien invasion, drug enforcement," Hartford said. "I have no idea."

There are a lot of other theories swirling around — some people think others are overreacting and really just looking at planes flying overhead, others say there isn't anything to worry about and that the drones are probably just inspecting for oil leaks out in the fields.

Recreational drone owners are required to register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and must be within eyesight of their drones when flying.

As of now, nobody seems to know or wants to admit the origins of these drones. A bunch of organizations even came out to deny that it was them sending the drones to these areas.

For now, local sheriffs are reminding people who are scared by the drones that it is illegal to shoot one out of the sky.

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