College professor left colleague 'lying in a pool of blood' in case of unrequited love

A college professor attempted to kill a colleague after admitting she had feelings for the professor who did not share the same sentiment.

Rie Hachiyanagi, a professor of art at Mount Holyoke College, was arraigned Friday on charges of attempted murder, according to a statement from the Northwestern District Attorney's Office.

Hachiyanagi showed up to her 60-year-old colleague's house unannounced on Dec. 23 in Leverett, Massachusetts, to "talk about her feelings," according to a criminal complaint obtained by NBC News.

"Ms. Hachiyanagi reportedly said that she loved her for many years and that she should have known," the complaint said.

Despite working with the victim for 14 years, Hachiyanagi had never been to her house. When she explained that she did not reciprocate her feelings, Hachiyanagi reportedly beat the victim with anything she could get her hands on, including a rock, fire poker and garden shears.

In an attempt to "appear sympathetic," the victim lied and said that she "really did love her," the complaint said. The professor was able to convince Hachiyanagi to call 911. In the call, she told police she found her friend on the floor "lying in a pool of blood and barely breathing" the complaint said.

Hachiyanagi left the professor, who is expected to survive, with severe injuries, the Northwestern District Attorney's Office said. Police said it took the victim a while before she admitted who had attacked her because she was "terrified that Ms. Hachiyanagi would harm her again or even burn down her residence."

In addition to the attempted murder charge, Hachiyanagi is charged with three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, one count of mayhem and one count of armed assault in a dwelling, according to the Northwestern District Attorney's Office. She is being held without bail until her next court date on Feb. 4.