Dramatic video shows man rushing to help dog caught in elevator: 'I tried, I tried, I tried'


A Florida doctor found himself at the right place at the right time when he walked into his building lobby and witnessed a dog's leash getting caught in a moving elevator.

Dr. Mohammad Awad was returning home on Sunday when he crossed paths with a woman and her dog. Security footage reveals that the dog's leash somehow got stuck in the elevator doors, causing the vulnerable animal to be launched off the ground.

In the video, Awad is seen racing towards the elevator and struggling to rip off the dog's collar.

"I dropped all my food on the ground. I tried to break the leash open as hard as I can — I tried, I tried, I tried," Awad told WFLA.

Awad said that at first it was too difficult to free the dog and he started to panic and said that it appeared to be "gasping for air." He also said he noticed the leash tighten as soon as the elevator doors closed and knew within seconds what was going to happen.

The rescue, fortunately, turned out successful and Awad was able to free the dog, which was shaking. The owner seemed distraught too but was overwhelmed with gratitude that Awad had been there to help.

"I'm only a human physician, but I went to go assess the dog and examined it, and the dog seemed OK," Awad said. "But it was just a crazy situation."

The harrowing incident is similar to another scary scene that occurred in Houston, where Johnny Mathis saved a Pomeranian whose leash had been caught in elevator doors — only this time, the owner was inside the elevator and the dog was trapped outside. Mathis luckily was also able to remove the dog's collar just in time.

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