The highest-earning athletes in American sports of the decade

  • Athletes' salaries have soared over the course of the decade.

  • With the help of Spotrac, we added up the total cash earnings from contracts of the top athletes in North American sports to see who has made the most since 2010.

  • NFL, MLB, and NBA players make up the entire list, with 13 players making over $200 million on the field this decade.

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It's never been more lucrative to be a professional athlete.

Over the course of this decade, athlete salaries have soared, thanks to growing revenues in many sports.

With the help of Spotrac, we went through the highest-earning athletes in each North American sport, based on total cash from their contracts from 2010 to now. Three leagues owned the list — MLB, NBA, and NFL. While NHL players, golfers, and tennis players are all highly paid, their salaries have not caught quite up with pro baseball, basketball, and football.

Check out which athletes earned the most on the field over the last decade.

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