Lamar Jackson, Ravens teammates battling flu

NFL playoff bye weeks matter. A lot.

In addition to amounting to a free pass into the second round, the extra week allows players more time to soothe, heal and deal with what ails them.

In this case it will allow the Baltimore Ravens and their transcendent, surefire MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson to recover from the flu — rather than potentially playing with it.

Lamar Jackson dealing with flu

Head coach John Harbaugh told reporters on Monday that Jackson was one of multiple Ravens players “fighting off the flu.” He did not name who else was under the weather.

“We do have some guys fighting off the flu,” Harbaugh said. “Lamar and other guys. No coaches right now.”

Harbaugh didn’t seem too concerned and took pleasure in the fact that no coaches had caught the bug.

So whatever the severity of the illness making its way around the Ravens locker room is, it doesn’t appear to be anything for Ravens fans to worry about.

Of course if they were scheduled to play on Saturday and forced to go through the standard preparation of a short game week, there might be reason for concern.

But they aren’t. And there isn’t.

It’s one of the many benefits of finishing the season 14-2.

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Bye weeks matter. (Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Bye weeks matter. (Jason Miller/Getty Images)