Waitress in tears over family's 'random' act: 'Are you kidding? Oh my god'

A family in Pennsylvania was filled with the spirit of giving this year.

The Jackson family went to a Friendly's restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner in Morrisville and decided to single out a waitress with a random act of kindness.

In a video shared by Verlonda Jackson, each family member handed the stunned waitress money, making her tip total out to be $500.

"Are you kidding? Oh my god," the waitress can be heard saying in response. "Oh my god."

According to "Good Morning America," Jackson said her family chose Friendly's because "the waitresses have the kindest hearts and excellent service" and because the kids were expecting Santa to come that night, she wanted to make sure they understood that the message of Christmas is that it's better to give than to receive.

Jackson told Storyful she was inspired by other videos she saw of church groups doing a similar gesture.

“It was random, it was authentic, and it was from the heart with a message for the entire world that God has the ability to show up in our lives in the most unimaginable way,” Jackson said.