Note found near body of dead Utah man who chilled in freezer for decade says that wife did not kill him: cops

A note found near a man’s body inside a freezer in Utah said that the man was not killed by his wife, according to authorities.

The discovery is the latest twist in the chilling case of Paul Mathers, whose decade-old remains were uncovered at the home of his wife, 75-year-old Jeanne Souron-Mathers, who was also found dead during a welfare check last month in Tooele, Utah.

He was in the freezer. She was on her bed.

Authorities said they believe Mathers’ body had chilled in the cooler since early 2009 and that he had a terminal illness, according to Fox affiliate KSTU.

The letter professing the wife’s innocence was notarized, but the woman who certified it said she did not read it before stamping it, according to cops.

Investigators were looking into the possibility that Souron-Mathers had schemed up a plan to snag her husband’s Social Security and Veteran’s Affairs checks. After the discovery of the note, authorities were considering the possibility that the plan was drawn up before he died.

Mathers would have been 69.