Rudy Giuliani admits wanting Marie Yovanovitch fired to probe Bidens


Rudy Giuliani freely admitted he purposely tried to get former American Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch fired because he feared she’d get in the way of his attempt to find dirt on Joe Biden.

The former New York City mayor-turned-Donald-Trump-attorney told The New Yorker that he considered Yovanovitch an obstacle to be overcome while he went after the former Vice President.

“I believed that I needed Yovanovitch out of the way,” he said. “She was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody.”

To that end, Giuliani sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a dossier on the Bidens and Yovanovitch that was also shared with the FBI.

Giuliani also recruited journalist John Solomon, who has been responsible for many of the Ukraine conspiracy theories being spouted by the right wing, to help smear Yovanovitch to the media.

“I said, ‘John, let’s make this as prominent as possible,’” Giuliani told the paper. “‘I’ll go on TV. You go on TV. You do columns.’”

In light of this seemingly damning information, Trump told reporters on Monday that Giuliani didn’t share a lot of the evidence he supposedly gathered during a recent trip to Ukraine.

“But he’s a very great crime fighter,” Trump said, according to video shared by CBS reporter Paula Reid. “He was probably the greatest crime fighter over the last 50 years. Very smart. He was the best mayor in the history of the city of New York. He’s a great person who loves our country.”

However, the president ignored Reid’s question about Giuliani being under investigation by Trump’s own Department of Justice.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.