Store manager rushes to save baby tumbling from counter while women shop for gun

Footage from a Utah pawn shop shows the heart-stopping moment a store manager rushed to catch a baby who tumbled off the counter as two women shopped for a gun.

Bill Reel, who manages Family Pawn in Hurricane, Utah, just so happened to be turning down one of the shop's aisles at the exact moment the child, who was at the store with two adult women believed to be related, toppled off a glass showcase.

Neither of the women, who were looking at a rifle at the time of the incident, seemed to notice the teetering child until Reel dove to catch the infant.

"I reacted, probably within an 8th of a second," Reel told KSTU. "I saw the baby bob just enough to show me that it could barely hold itself up and I just ran toward it."

Reel says he caught the baby in the nick of time and handed it back to who he believes may have been the child's grandmother.

Thankfully, Reel said the child was not injured in the fall, but he still hopes the incident will spur parents to pay closer attention to their kids while shopping.

"There is no doubt that would have been a serious injury, if not a brain injury as well," he said. "It was going headfirst into the concrete."