Trump lavishes praise on GOP anti-impeachment "warriors"


President Donald Trump resumed his impeachment-fueled tweetstorm on Friday morning, posting praise for the Republican "warriors" who have defended him in the ongoing House Judiciary Committee meetings and slamming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"The Republicans House members were fantastic yesterday. It always helps to have a much better case, in fact the Dems have no case at all, but the unity & sheer brilliance of these Republican warriors, all of them, was a beautiful sight to see. Dems had no answers and wanted out!" Trump tweeted.

The tweet was the first of seven posts (as of 8:30 a.m.) he had so far written since 6:00 a.m. Friday morning.

Just a day earlier, Trump tweeted or retweeted more than 115 times — most of them centered on impeachment. The president has been even more prolific than usual on Twitter in recent days: On Sunday, he tweeted and retweeted 105 times.

The president went on to tweet Friday a boast about his poll numbers, called the impeachment case against him a "total hoax" and claimed that Pelosi had "admitted yesterday that she began this scam 2 1/2 years ago!"

That last claim was a mischaracterization of comments Pelosi made about impeachment earlier this week.

At an event Tuesday afternoon at Politico's "Women Rule" summit, Pelosi was asked to react to the criticism that Democrats are racing through their impeachment inquiry of the president. "It's been going on for 22 months, two-and-a-half years actually," Pelosi said initially. She then made clear she was referring to the Mueller investigation.

Trump, meanwhile, also tweeted Friday criticism of CNN and MSNBC and praise for Fox News Channel.