Footage shows mother being forcefully arrested in her own home: 'This is a violation of my rights'

Bodycam footage of a Colorado mother being forcefully arrested in her own home in June has surfaced.

The video, which was acquired through an open records request by the Greeley Tribune, shows Casey Barnum, an officer from the Greeley Police Department, responding to a call about possible child negligence. He is seen questioning Rosie Perez, who defends herself for not letting her 16-year-old son into her home. Perez's son had reportedly called the police after she allegedly kicked him out of her house and refused to drive him to his court hearing.

"Am I kicking him out now?" Perez asks Barnum. "Yeah, he has a warrant out for his arrest. He's not welcome in my home until he gets that taken care of."

When Barnum tells Perez she can't do that and says that she could have called the police to address her son's situation, Perez fires back and says her son can only come in when she's home. She attempts to end the conversation after and closes the door on Barnum. In response, the officer barges into her apartment, pulls her out and arrests her, claiming that she had shoved him.

"You do not have any permission to go into my home," Perez tells Barnum.

When Barnum later leads Perez to his car, she insists that he lets her go, the bodycam footage shows.

"This is a violation of my rights," she says. "You went into my house! You went into my home without being welcomed into my home."

Perez's sister, Abrena Garcia, had previously released a 55-second video of the encounter, which she had taken on her cell phone. The incident prompted the department to look into it and even a visit to Perez's home from Greeley police Chief Mark Jones and Deputy Chief Adam Turk, according to the Tribune.

"I’ve had a lot of interactions with police coming to my home because of my son, and every one of them has been really nice and really supportive," the mother told the newspaper at the time. "But this officer, the second he got to my house he had a chip on his shoulder. He basically treated me like I was being neglectful to my son."

Perez added that she was released after 45 minutes, following a conversation between Barnum and a sergeant who responded to the scene. The Tribune notes that she suffered a wrist injury as a result of being in handcuffs.

In November, the newspaper reported that the Greeley Police Department released Barnum after officials determined that he had, in fact, violated agency policy.

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