Family gets revenge on thief with package of dirty diapers

Family gets revenge on thief with package of dirty diapers

A Missouri family was fed up after two packages were stolen from their porch. They didn't just want to report the thief to police — they wanted revenge.

It started when a Hazelwood, Mo., family's security camera caught a woman stealing an Amazon package from their door.

"I felt violated. It's not a good feeling," the mother, who did not reveal her name, told KSDK.

A few days later, the family's security camera sensors went off and the mom said she "just knew" that something was wrong. The thief had come back to steal a second package, which was a onesie that the woman ordered for her daughter.

After the second time, the mom decided it was time to come up with a plan. The family chose to plant a fake package for the woman to steal.

"We put two dirty diapers in there, flipped them inside out, put them in the Amazon package, sealed them up [and] put them in the door," she said.

It only took one day for the alleged thief to return and take what she would soon find out was a package of dirty diapers.

"She got the special surprise from my daughter,” the mom said. "It just felt good to feel like we got some sort of justice."

Hazelwood police found and arrested the thief, KSDK reported. While police found the idea creative, they told KSDK that they don't necessarily "encourage the transfer of bodily fluids."

The family, however, thought their idea was clever and were pleased that it worked.

"I think it's a good idea. It might make people think twice before they steal," the mom said.