Doorbell camera catches bear smashing holiday decorations

A doorbell camera recorded a disgruntled bear walking up to the front porch of a home in Granby, Conn., and destroying the festive display the homeowners had set up for Thanksgiving last week.

The enormous bear is first seen sitting on the steps of the home, pushing at the decor and mauling at the pumpkins that had been arranged out front. After a while, the bear gets up and starts to inspect each of the pumpkins it has already destroyed and throw from the steps onto the paved walkway toward the house.

The clip then shows a clearer image of what the bear has done with the doorbell camera footage from the next morning. The pumpkins are smashed, and it looks like the bear tried to eat the insides before giving up and leaving the property.

The Get Bear Smart Society — a group that aims to educate the public to minimize the number of bears killed by human-caused problems — posted the following warning on Facebook: "Bears eat pumpkins and they love the seeds! Keep your Halloween pumpkins indoors and away from bears. #GetBearSmart."

According to Newsflare, which posted the video, the house's owner commented: "Apparently the bear is upset that we didn't make pumpkin pie, so rather than being disappointed, it smashed its own pumpkins while sitting on our front steps."