GoPro captures shark knocking 7-year-old off of surfboard

7-year-old Chandler Moore was having a post-Thanksgiving surf session with his dad on Saturday at New Smyrna Beach, Fla., when something hit his board and he wiped out.

Moore, who has been surfing since he was 4 years old and has wiped out plenty of times, did not think anything of the incident and assumed he'd hit a fish. But when he and his dad reviewed the GoPro footage they filmed from that day, they noticed the black tip on the fish's fin. It was a small blacktip shark.

According to CNN, blacktip sharks are very common around New Smyrna Beach — so much so that the region is referred to as the shark capital of the world. The International Shark Attack File estimates that any person who's gone swimming in that area has been within 10 feet of a shark.

Watch the incredible In The Know video above to witness Chandler Moore's close call.