Expectant mother stunned by what she sees in baby's sonogram

Shantel Carrillo thought she was going to be able to anticipate every bump and turn thrown at her during her second pregnancy. Instead, she told Inside Edition that when she saw her baby's sonogram, she was stunned.

"It took my breath away," Carrillo said. "It really did."

Carrillo said she immediately noticed the outline of her late father kissing her unborn child in the sonogram picture.

"It was honestly like a punch in the chest — how awesome it was to see that," Carrillo said.

The sonogram does seem to show the profile of a man's face looking down at the baby. But when compared to a photo of Carrillo's late father wearing a baseball cap and looking down at Carrillo's firstborn, it's eerie how closely the images resemble one another. Carrillo even points out her father's "very distinctive" chin on the sonogram picture.

Carrillo's father passed away in 2016 from a heart attack at the age of 54. His birthday was in April and his daughter's new baby is due around the same time.

"It makes me feel like he's watching over my new daughter," Carrillo said. "It's just a beautiful thing."

The image was so touching and perfect, Carrillo says she believes in angels now and feels ecstatic knowing her father is still finding ways to keep in touch.