This award-winning sister dance duo is giving back this holiday season

When sisters Chloe and Maud Arnold — founders of the Syncopated Ladies – decided to start their Tap Into the Holidays program, they prioritized making the classes more about forming a tight-knit community.

The sisters themselves are an award-winning dance duo who have been endorsed by celebrities like Beyoncé for their incredible choreography and viral videos. But Tap Into the Holidays is all about them giving back, a value that they feel is fundamental to who they are.

"The holidays are a really special time where family can get together and people can celebrate life and love," Chloe told In The Know. "But also, it's a time that can make people feel left out. And so, for us, we want to bring cheer to young people and remind them that love is really infinite in its abundance in your community."

Tap Into the Holidays is a free tap dance class for all levels and ages. "It's not about perfection, it's about connection," said Chloe.

"Tap Into the Holidays is a place for people to gather and be reminded, what are the holidays all about," Maud said. "It's about fellowship, it's about sharing, it's about love. And what better way to do that than through dance?"

"Chloe and Maud have impacted our lives because they made us feel like, really comfortable tap dancing, which has helped us a lot," a student said.

Another way Chloe and Maud build community is through their viral holiday-themed dance challenges on Instagram. This enables fans, students and other potential dancers to get involved and feel like part of the connection, even if they can't attend the in-person classes.

"My family didn't have money at all for me to take dance class," Anissa, another student, said. "And Chloe was so generous enough to give me a scholarship through Chloe and Maud Foundation. So I was able to take classes at a very young age — it's life-changing."

Chloe and Maud grew up taking advantage of scholarships whenever they could, so it felt right for them to start a foundation of their own and offer up free classes whenever they could.

"I know I'll be doing this forever," Chloe said. "Giving is in our nature, it's in our DNA, it's what we were raised to do by our family and for us, the vehicle is dance and the arts. It's not about becoming a professional dancer, it's about the joy and the release that dance provides. And that is the greatest gift."

Watch the full Holiday Heroes episode above to learn more about Chloe and Maud Arnold and their Tap Into the Holidays initiative.